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Project to Project Mode
We can bid for the project, in which case, we will quote our charges after considering the amount of work to be done, the complexity and the scope of the work. You will have to supply us with the basic information and we will do the rest. The advantages of this mode of operation are:
  • Offers you the security of knowing the cost of your site is fixed. 
  • Gives us the flexibility of working without formal tracking of our time.
  • Allows us the freedom to add that just-right touch without getting a cost approval. 

But this mode of operation has some disadvantages also. We will start the development work after getting approval from you. But even then, you might want to make changes after the project is over. We will be able to make minor changes, but major changes or restructuring of the site will cost you. Same is the case with future updations, enhancements or addition of new features.

You can choose this mode if you have a clear idea what you want in your site and can give us a detailed outline of what you want.


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