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Our Internet division has a team of professionals who are well versed in all aspects of Internet/Intranet design and development. We can develop web sites for you, which are simple, elegant and visually appealing. We have creative and talented graphical designers who can make your web site stand out and give more visibility to your company. We can be your ‘Image consultants’ on the web, in the sense that we could provide you with strategies and solutions, which will improve your web presence. We offer complete web based solutions form web site design, development, visibility improvement strategies, image building, etc. Since India comes in the low cost-high quality quadrant of software development, the assignments that we undertake will be cost-effective, will be of top quality and will be delivered on time.

We are open to any mode of operation, may it be on a project to project basis or on an hourly rate basis . Our development life cycle is described below. The project life cycle will, to a certain extend, depend on the items that you are going to supply. If you are supplying the material for the page (text and graphics) then we will start from the layout design stage. If you are supplying the material and are specifying the general guidelines and standards (fonts, background colors, read/unread link colors, general layout, etc.) we will start from the development stage using your standards. If you want us to develop a page from scratch then we will start with the basic material that you give us and go through the entire lifecycle.

The first phase of the lifecycle is identification of the page content. Once the contents of the page are finalized, we will decide on the structure, layout, flow, navigation and general style for the site. If graphics are not supplied we will select suitable and relevant graphics. Then the text, images, tables, etc. are integrated into the layout. We have all the necessary hardware and software infrastructure, which is, state-of-the-art.

Once the development is completed we do the testing. First we will test it on a machine with resolution for which it is designed. We will do the WYSIWYHI (What you see is what you have intended) testing. Then we will test it on a machine with lower resolution, to see whether it is tolerable! Then we will test whether all the links are working properly. We will also test it on at least two graphical browsers and one text based browser.

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